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    Thank you for visiting EmbassyPages.com. EmbassyPages.com was started in 2006 with the goal of being the world’s most comprehensive, accurate and popular directory of embassies and consulates around the world. EmbassyPages.com has since established itself as the internet’s authoritative source for information about embassies and consulates offering frequently updated, verified and accurate information about more than 27,000 embassies, high commissions, consulates and other diplomatic and consular offices around the world.


    EmbassyPages.com provides a range of information about embassies and consulates:

    - Visiting and postal addresses
    - Telephone and fax numbers
    - Email addresses
    - Website addresses
    - Social media pages
    - Office hours
    - Who heads the mission

    Information about consular services offered by the mission, such as visa, passport and legalization services, is available for some embassies and consulates. In addition, historical data for a number of embassies and consulates are included in the directory, with information about the year the mission was opened, if it was closed temporarily and when it reopened. Some embassies and high commissions also serve other countries than the host country in which the mission is located. Concurrent accreditation is listed for many of those embassies and high commissions.


    EmbassyPages.com’s many users are companies, travelers, travel agencies, visa agencies, researchers, government institutions as well as embassies and consulates worldwide. EmbassyPages.com is referenced by travel agencies, writers and organizers, media, embassies and consulates, government institutions and universities.


    We take great pride in curating our content and ensuring that the information in our directory is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Information is gathered from multiple official quality resources. A series of automated and manual data mining, data cleansing and data triangulation procedures are employed to ensure the high quality of our content. A team of dedicated content editors work hard to update and verify the accuracy of our content, and in addition, thousands of embassies, consulates and other missions submit their entry changes directly to us, making sure that EmbassyPages.com remains the world's most reliable and trustworthy embassy and consulate resource. A green tick icon Information verified by mission on a mission's page indicates that the contact details and information on a page have been verified by the embassy or consulate, and the green update icon Last update indicates when the entry was last updated. In the event you should find a piece of information in need of update, please send us a message.


    EmbassyPages.com is available in English, French and Spanish, and since 2018 also in Portuguese, Italian, German and Swedish.


    Feel free to drop us a line if you have questions, comments or suggestions concerning our website or if you wish to submit changes to an entry in the directory.

    General inquiries: [email protected]
    Updates to entries: [email protected]
    Advertising: [email protected]


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