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About EmbassyPages.com

EmbassyPages.com is the most complete and comprehensive directory of diplomatic and consular missions ever created. More than 22,000 embassies, high commissions, consulates etc. worldwide are listed at EmbassyPages.com, and frequent and constant updating help maintaining EmbassyPages.com's position as the world's leading embassy resource.

EmbassyPages.com encourages our users to inform us of any changes to the information listed - e.g. new address, new telephone number, new email address - or perhaps a new embassy. So please notify us if you know of any changes.

We also invite you to contact us if you have any website related questions or comments.

** Visa questions, requests or applications will NOT be handled. Please consult the nearest embassy or consulate**

New embassy, consulate or other representation newrepresentation@embassypages.com
Changes to an existing entry change@embassypages.com
Other questions (only website related) webmaster@embassypages.com

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